"The Grove" lyrics


"The Grove"

We've got our torches ready.
It's time to see what the stars will bring.
We have a message to congregate, sent to all that speak
the languages carved in stone.

Behind the gate are things that no man will know,
but the truth will be told in the smoke that rises
in the evening sky

We will burn the child inside the grove
and sacrifice one of your own.
A hidden meaning we will know. The cremation of Care.

It's rising, it's rising up.

The night's air will be cold and dense and filled with smoke.

Breathe in the ash of innocence.
We'll burn them for a thousand years
a son for every time around
The burning of a thousand sons

We won't fall, we won't fall.
(You'll keep us here forever, we'll stay here forever.)

Thanks to A Leper for these lyrics

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