"Worry" lyrics



The blanket of youth
nothing could touch us
with heads in the clouds
aspiration was a drug
that pulled us like the tide
to rise with the moon
morning replacing night
when every fucking wrong is right

Why don't we see the now
just memory's nostalgia
as life just slips away
cos time shows no mercy fuck.
why don't we see the now
just memory's nostalgia

Those days are gone
they're gone and they're not coming back

I die a little bit inside
with every single day that goes by
look at me now
I'm still alive
I'm just a little more lost now
a little more aware of people's intentions
look at me now
I'm still alive

Untouched by times hands
from Fairburn to Riseley St
we never fucking gave a fuck
no sense of mortality
beyond the horizon
lay our destiny
the destination is our dreams

Life feels like it slipped right through my hands

The only constant is time
so foolish to think its on my side
as light hits eyes the moments over
just a collection of memories
this is our identity.. our soul
we found blind in the unknown
to live is what were here for
make it fucking last!

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