"Sin And Scere" lyrics


"Sin And Scere"

Plagued by pessimism and
hate, a fucking sea of victims
If Happiness comes from within,
give me a blade I'm lost with it!

Trying to hold on

Pain, this fascination led us straight to the end
and now your fucking lost
cos unwillingness to progress
is disciplined by failure

Unlike the stars up in the sky
I won't just sit and be burned until there's nothing left of me

My dear I've seen too much to walk away now
Sometimes the hardest choice to make is the right one

Blind unless in hindsight
as time fly's by we live our lives like
we are dying.
we are trying to hold on,
when every day is a struggle for hate or for love we'll
drag our lives through the shit
Waiting for the truth, waiting for the truth
when it was right here all along.

You'd be the best at everything
if any of your words were true
oh deceiver, always bigger
now there's no room left for you

Fee Fi Fo fuck you!

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