"Miserable Old Sea" lyrics


"Miserable Old Sea"

When everything we see
is all of this life we perceive
endless nothingness with nothing left
a dried up ocean fucking bed
no path paved
to remain lost until the grave
endless nothingness be your salvation!

I used to see the golden sky in setting suns
now all I see, a warning of the darkness to come
I used to feel emotions but who's too say
they were ever anything but illusion.

Ironic how wrong I was with it
everything with everything!

What was that feeling I left behind?
When I was younger was my heart really mine?
a lifetime in learning about myself
not knowing what my heart really felt

The more we see the more we grieve
endless nothingness
is ignorance better than knowing life's morbidness?
or is it death
is it death, when in peace we rest?
Endless nothingness
will expose the greatest lie too all

As the final beat, closes our life song
awareness fades away, paying any cost
exposing this great lie of all time
You mother fuckers are wrong!
We all, leave here, the same way,
no awareness again,
not even of our own fate,
endless nothingness

Wide eyes woes tire as soul leaves the
atmosphere home is no longer homely
these cities we roam
stand now to remind what the sky takes
We do not deserve more!
We do not deserve more!
How fucking dare you all!

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