"Fold" lyrics



Just as I thought
this dead end left me
reminded of who
is truly there for me

In wolfs clothing
so many sheep
loyal as fucking death
with no fight for anything
I'm still here
I'm still fucking here
removing ball and chain
there's far too much at stake

Each mistake makes us who we are

I don't believe in love
only in dreams and lust
so when I cut off my nose
to spite my face
I don't give a fuck

Your stone heart
made me lose faith in love
like when I lost my faith in god
and when your reaching out your hands
for someone that you love
just know that I've walked away

I just cant believe
some of the things I've seen
I have to shut it off
the only way for peace
I'm still here
times killed trust and fear
as a snake sheds dead skin
I shed my fucking heart

Now it's so fucking clear
knowledge brings discontent
more fears and temptations
reality's bitter truth

If we could be perfect
we'd see true meaningless
what's the sense in wisdom
If it swallows desire
If I could just restart
I'd carefully choose my path
some things I'd leave unknown
to be the man I should have been

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