"Try And Stay Awake" lyrics


"Try And Stay Awake"

We can try and stay awake
all night but I'm too tired and your uptite
I'm getting into something good
Like I knew I would
And the time it takes to bust that party
We can waste another night
Just sitting on the porch all night until the wine is through

You're lost so, so lonely
You'll never make it you phoney
The reason you told me
You'll never make it you phoney

Can i turn off your MODERN ROCK
just hit the button make it stop
You're getting into something good, like i knew you would
You're calling on a static line
When all you want to feel is fine
And she's another reason why your always acting good


There's a reason why you feel so low and it's starting to show
Could you reach for the door I don't wanna stay here no more
I don't know how you missed it before
There's a reason you came here I'm sure
But you don't really know get your pants off the floor and go home
And go home

Just stay awake
But just don't let it get in your head
Don't let it get in your head

Thanks to jason davies for these lyrics

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