"Spiders In A Garden" lyrics


"Spiders In A Garden"

You're standing on the street
you've thought of everything
I don't think it's overrated
I just wondered what the date was

you're standing on the street
new sneakers, everything
but no one broke the news
you wonder why you spend the night
cars drive on by
it's the same old story
please tell me I'm dreaming
I'll believe it when I see it

I do it for the right reasons, you'd have to agree
I just think you're too polite
you're wound so tight
you fuss and fight
please tell me I gotta be wrong
but my heart is pounding too strong
you left so I went home
go check your answers and get off the phone now

but you change direction,
the garden's protection
and the moons just right,
take a look at the trees
tell me what do you see
it's all for us
Don't get lost darling
Maybe it's something
Maybe it's not
We'll see, maybe
But it's all we got

Thanks to Christopher Fers for these lyrics

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