"Souvenir" lyrics



do you remember when
unity meant something we were gonna be friends
until the very end do you remember when hardcore was everything?
dancing, diving, always good times but, i guess it had to end
young and full of energy punk rock shows every friday night was the
life for me we swore we'd change the world, we swore with sincerity
but a few years down the line punk proved a false reality
minor threat, 7 seconds, s.s.d. straight edge hardcore was
introduced to me and in my heart, like stone it's etched forever
free it's been a life time now since i felt your walls surrounding me
remember when
i can't help but get down at the state of things
today are unity and togetherness remnants of yesterday sorry, i'm
not willing to throw it all away our memories are souvenirs of
yesterday i still feel the passion and the energy i can't help but
feel hardcore as a part of me times will change and people change
and so will styles but something in the music just makes me smile
remember when

Thanks to joe for these lyrics

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