"Just A Quiet Evening" lyrics


"Just A Quiet Evening"

Living at home
Living under one roof
Walls are raging
They're all crazy
Mind is racing
Say you left it far behind
And you'll always feel your 17
in a dream
Isn't it a sad thing that we all can't win?
You got your sad songs or the radio
It's for sure that you are all done
Just a quiet evening
Just a quiet evening
when you get home the street is quiet in the morning
and the sight of her is all you need to get so down
I can't figure how a letter so upset her just climb down the stairs
Just disappear
I can promise something fleeting
Just a quiet evening that will pass
and although we ain't got nothing to show
by sitting at home
it'd mean a lot to me
I can promise something fleeting
just a quiet evening that will pass
just a quiet evening
just a quiet evening.

Thanks to Christopher Fers for these lyrics

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