"Background" lyrics



i fight to keep afloat i go under none the less
i fight for a breath of air search but it's not there
in this sea of people i find i am not an equal
i'm not satisfied should my dreams be denied
catch me at a good time see a man with a purpose
otherwise you'll find me with the rest blending into the background
i want to kick myself but i'm busy resting
i wonder why i complain when i'm equally to blame
hardcore is not a background beat for you to move your dancing feet
its feeling living breathing its the life for those who love living
its outrage energy compassion not hate not violence or fashion
so i ask you and i'm left to wonder
what you'll do when you've dragged it under
find some trend some people care about
dress the part dancing his heart out
let's ask ourselves who's to blame
the ones who destroy or the ones who let it happen

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