"Ampersand" lyrics



Help me out because I'm lost in the struggle
Too stupid I guess to show you my best
I don't like the way you think
I'm gonna quit today
I wish I could kick and run, she wouldn't catch me
Now I owe you one I thought as I watched you walk the parking lot
There's a glow about me that's beautiful
I'm so happy that I'm tingling
I'm new and clean and focused, quite happy if you need to know but
you've known the miles all along
Although you've sung me your songs, I hate it when you ask me things
when you know my brain is on empty
I'd like to just go away to a place where no one hates me
What about those things you said what about those things you read
They only hurt you when you're down they only beat you on the ground

Thanks to joe for these lyrics

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