"The Shame" lyrics


"The Shame"

Some stories ring so true, a reality hitting deep
Some stories ring so true, putting life in perspective
She knew what she would encounter
Knowing what was to come
Knowing the past would catch up to her
Her heart was nearly hard by the lust inside
Alone and on borrowed time
Bound by guilt, she was bound by guilt
Alone and on borrowed time
This tormented soul, shunned by so many
Her eyes became dry from having no where else to run
She had only one thing left to hold onto, the only one who really cares
Someone who cares, who really cares
What can I measure to be when I ignore those who are oppressed and mistreated?
What can I measure to be, ignoring all that's meant for me?
I was once like her
The wrongs she had written would be erased and forgotten
His love was for sure and she knew this for sure

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