"Reach The End" lyrics


"Reach The End"

This is for all those who search for something more
Never give up, never give in
When words have no meaning
Because your time in hell has left you cold and alone
What was thought to be good in the world
Gave you the back of their hand
The breath of life has become empty, without feeling
So you bury your head and distance yourself
The dreams still wake you in tears and nightmares, battery and anguish
Tears, nightmares, Battery and anguish.
All that's good in the world can be wrecked in such a short time
And then you'll wonder, is the end near?
Take a chance, just one time
Make ready your heart tonight
And you sing: Is this the end? This is all I have
Love is here now that you're at your end

Thanks to Garrett for these lyrics

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