"Not A Word" lyrics


"Not A Word"

Here we are unfaithful with our words
Choices made that separate life and love leaving empty eyes and
hands that dare not touch the truth
Honestly dishonest this selfish pursuit buried deep in a discord of faith
While not concerned with their hearts (here we are unfaithful with our words)
discoveries overlooked entirely
What's in my mind what's written on my heart
What's remembered no more
The old is obsolete and the new will make the old soon disappear
Though I feel wicked we can give good things
May my wealth be found and be worthy of my duty
I call for change to end this life I long only to hold true
To be a witness held by goodness held back by conviction
I truly am blowing in the wind
Without you holding me there would be nothing left to speak of
Even though I feel that I am less than the least can I sing in the shadows of your wings
Where else might I sing but in the shadows of your wings?
Where else might I hide but in the shadows of your wings?
Where else?

Thanks to Newo Ikkin for these lyrics

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