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Some of you need to hear this for the first time, and so this is from our hearts...
The Kingdom of God is for the burnouts, the broken, and the broke,
The drug addicts, the divorced, the HIV positive, the herpes-ridden, the hopeless,
For the outcasts that have been created by the church,
And for the outcasts of our society that have been created by us.
The Kingdom of God is for the brain damaged, the incurably ill, for the barren,
For the pregnant too many times, and the pregnant at the wrong time.
This is for the over-employed, the underemployed, the unemployable, and the unemployed.
This is for the swindled, the shoved aside, the left aside,
The replaced, the incompetent, and the stupid.
This is for the emotionally starved and the emotionally dead.
The Kingdom of God is for the bigoted, the murderers, the child molesters, the brutals, the drug lords,
The terrorists, the perverted, the raging alcoholics, over consumers, the incredibly ugly,
The dumb, the ignorant, the starving, the filled, and the filthy rich.
The Kingdom of God is for everyone and the Kingdom of God is for me.

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