"See No Light" lyrics


"See No Light"

This spills out my eyes, a vision of a place that I demise.
My home of hate, that I can't escape, my past won't tell no lies.
So I run away now. But this desert keeps pulling right back & now, I see where the hates at.

I turn my back up on my home. Just like it Did to me.
I take a look at what I loved. And now its dead to me.

Take a look at my life. Got what I wanted so this can't be right.
I still see mo light. Fruit of the world has never felt so right.
No point in moving on, life's catching up with me.
It's like no matter what I do, I'll never save my DIGNITY

This rain keeps falling down & I cant hold my breath forever.
The more I kick and scream, the more Drowning sounds much better.
No shelter in my home. Hate replaces what i know.
Might not be bad if I never came home again

I turn my back up on my home. Just like it did to me.
I take a look at what I loved & now, it's dead to me.

I've been living in this desert my whole life,
I've been praying and praying yet I see no light.
See No Light
My Past is nothing but pain.

Thanks to Nikki for these lyrics

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