"Mind Clasp" lyrics


"Mind Clasp"

Everyday is a struggle, its such a burden just to find whats real and what's fake.
I can never find the right things to say, my words are stuck between my tongue and my teeth.
One part of me I want to stick to my plans, The other side I'm not so average man.
My mind is taking over now, Enter into my Mind Clasp.

I'm so inconsistent, I just won't make it.
So pull my down before I fall.
So sick of this, I think I rather believe in me.

Now I'll open my mind.
Let these trapped thoughts inside.
Control every aspect of my life.
Whats right and whats wrong.
I tried to cut my loss, but my mind decided to cut me first.
No easy way to escape, my mind was lost with my hate only so much that a man can take.


I've lived as fast as I can.
I am the animal, who dreams he's a man.
The end result of my life, I'm nothing but an ordinary man.

And now my mind is spinning way too fast.

So what I've learned in this worthless life is all that I got now.

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