"Identity" lyrics



These desperate thoughts pour in mind.
I'm so eager to finish on my time.
Looking back at the dreams that I let die,
I got no choice but to question why.

I'm still holding on. I don't wanna fall.
I see this world for what it is. But who cares at all.

Another soul left behind. Why search for what I won't find?
The rhythm of life, I can't identify.

Honestly I just wont try.
I'll only fall as high as I climb.
No empty promises here on solid ground.
Vices run throughout my blood.
Controls what I want, and what I love.
It's always easy to see, but hard to reach,
who am I? Who do I really wanna be?

My own identity. Its in my sight, but it's out of my reach.
It's so hard to see. What this future holds for me.

Still hoping my dreams won't hit the floor,
I'll be waiting forever, I just don't know what for.

I'll wait forever. [x2]

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