"Going Against Time" lyrics


"Going Against Time"

In this life just getting by,
Day by day we all slowly die.
Its what we make of our time,
No matter what we do it’s a lifes crime.
I have no glory for time to take,
Everything I lost keeps me awake,
I I know the truth and I’m the last of its kind,
Fucking believe I’m Going against time.

I’m Going against time

this so called life. I choose to live,
I'll never give up what is mine to defend.
I feel myself dying faster.
A single breath to a self disaster

I'll fight the clock I’m the last of this kind
Fucking believe I’m going against time

Will I salt the wound, have I lost my mind
Going against the clock, going against time.
My mind is cripple, my body is numb
I’m running from these problems,but forget
Its getting old.

Thanks to Nikki for these lyrics

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