"It Doesn't Take A Hero" lyrics


"It Doesn't Take A Hero"

Where do we go from here
I'm running around in circles
Why'd you leave me here
Out on the open road
You told me that there is no one else like you in the world
So why do you act this way
I guess you do not feel the same anymore

I'll make the great escape
The greatest of all

It doesn't take a hero to be strong
Coz whether were right or wrong
We are still holding on for too long
What I'm trying to say is
How did we end up this way?
I don't know how much more I can take
The ice will break

Lets turn back time
This nightmare has occurred again
Give me a reason why
You see the best in him
You'll never be there to catch me when I fall
Looks like the room is spinning
And now we are losing all control
Everybody knows

Life still goes on...
You are the only one
And if we can't move on
Will you try to let this happen
I'm too far gone.

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