"High 'N' Low" lyrics


"High 'N' Low"

You'll always be my obsession
So I give you my confession
One way on a roller coaster ride
It's one of a kind
Wake up
This is not a dream
Break out
Out from the scene
Make up
It's how it's meant to be
Forever you and me

Where did you go?
Coz I've been searching high n' low
I need you to know
That you're the only one I ever wanted
And I can't sleep
With these four walls around me
And I find it hard to breathe

And now you've got my attention
Like a drug you're my addiction
None of us are getting out of here alive
Wake up
This is not a dream
Break out
Did you ever want me
Take up
All the memories
They're the best I've ever seen

Thinking back
Thinking back to what we had
I'm shocked that it didn't last
Why did this all end so fast?
I'm falling
Thinking back to what we had
Some say you should never look back
But you've got my heart in your hands.

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