"Chains Of Hate" lyrics


"Chains Of Hate"

I remember the first time,
I was just a little kid
And felt the weight of your hands,
In my fucking face.
Growing up in tears,
Living my everyday fear,
You called me names,
You pushed me down.

You had no right to fuck me up!

Instead of giving me a helping hand,
You clenched your fist to beat me down,
What kind of man are you?

For many years I could not understand,
What I had done to deserve that hell,
And I will never have a clue...

Feels like i´m damaged forever,
I can´t sleep at night,
All this violent thoughts and nightmares
That you put me in.
I have to dream awake
And I believe my dreams
About breaking these chainz of hate,
Chainz of fuckin´ hate.

One day i´ll find peace in my mind!

Thanks to Simon for these lyrics

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