"The Blame Game" lyrics


"The Blame Game"

Well, I can't turn back the clocks. Can't right all that I've wronged.
I'm going through the motions when I let you cross that line again.
Don't catch me when I fall with plans to pin me up to the wall,
and bury me with questions. You know you'll hate the answers.

Here we are now, playing the blame game again.

If history repeats itself, the future me should seek some help.
I'm stuck here in the present but I consider it a gift,
spending every moment like it's all that we get.

I place way too much weight on shoulders made to break.
I'm picking up the pieces to my shattered dreams of saving grace.
Don't say I never tried keeping you from eating yourself alive.
And tasting your intentions? It's a bitter pill to swallow.

Here we are now, playing the blame game again.

How can I help it that we're such a wreck?
This street goes two ways last time I checked.

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