"Oh So Speechless" lyrics


"Oh So Speechless"

Fog in the air. I feel less alive when I’m breathing than when I’m singing. It’s three degrees inside of me it’s just as cold as anything that I perceive that’s around me. Wipe down a cd, I scream until my throat feels like it’s bleeding into the evening. Half the man I’d like to be has some things to say to destiny. Tell me what you think of me ‘cause now my world is upside down.

We can take a night drive. We can bare the cold and watch the lights flash by, you don;t have to feel alone. I can choke on words better than you know. I apologize for being oh, so speechless.

We sat in the streets. Words never quite within reach, we seem a little uneasy. How were we supposed to see the steps we take are better placed when we were fixed on each other? I know the grass isn’t greener on the other side. I went there myself and learned a thing or two from life: It hurts, but it’s worth it. The loss and gain of innocence and finding out what freedom is.

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