"Hide And Seek" lyrics


"Hide And Seek"

We drove for miles down 75 and looked at the clouds with our bloodshot eyes. I remember laying there on the way home missing the cabin. “I don’t want to go home.” But good thing I found myself, I lost it again. It took some fresh air and all of my friends. I finally wrestled my own peace of mind. Now I can be free at least some of the time.

I’ll get this head right as soon as I find the strength to put a fight. You kick me while I’m down, but I never hit the ground. I’ll turn it all around and breathe again.

I’ve been playing hide and seek with all my emotions. Try to find a better way to start some more commotion. Let’s shake up these settled hearts. Let go and fall. The bottom’s not bad, trust me I know.

You better watch out ‘cause I’m taking my own advice. Living this life and hanging out every night. Writing these songs about how I hate this place. Never look back, I’m planning our own escape. Come with me we’ll make it out.

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