"Disconnect Routine" lyrics


"Disconnect Routine"

Sometimes you bring the worst out of me

I can barely breathe when you're suffocating me with your dime a dozen style and the way you kill a vibe in a room. Maybe when you sober up I'll let you know how bad you suck, the ignorance on your sleeve means you won't remember anything.

I thought tonight would be okay. I thought I wouldn't have to feel this way. A room fool of people but I'm always alone. After this drink I might crawl back home. Maybe a change will come for me. I'll find a place inside this scene, but for now I'll keep this distance thick 'cause when I build a wall it's brick by brick.

Pacing in a room is something I've been getting used to just to sync my body to my brain. And swimming through these fools in this drunk, abrasive room is a futile effort to outrun your skewed ideas of having fun.

I came unplugged again today. I slipped and washed away. Now you're tossing out the life line. I think I'll really try to grasp it this time. Maybe I'll come clean with my disconnect routine and part ways with false pretense to show you what I mean.

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