"Can't Close My Eyes" lyrics


"Can't Close My Eyes"

I’m feeling sane with a few complaints about the way that I cling to the couch, I’m not this way, and yes my thoughts will always stray away. So maybe we can work this out somewhere downtown like our best friends new house, and talk about ups and downs, and in betweens.

Why can’t I just sleep at night? Why can’t we just get it right? I’m running at night from dreams of lost times. I try to sleep but can’t close my eyes.

I have a mouth full of words to say as a result of a head full of things I can’t convey and yes, I’m sleep deprived again today. If you can give me a reason not to drag my feet all through the streets at night and watch the stars - well you can’t, so what’s the point?

I’m wide awake and dreaming of higher stakes and meanings.

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