"Hear Me Out" lyrics


"Hear Me Out"

All the time I’m thinking ‘bout
How I’m gonna get through this
How to get through pain and trouble
Need a helping hand

Need to climb outside right now
I need you by my side
I’ve fallen out of love
Knew I was outta luck by then


Said it was over
When you took me by the hand
Clouds drown in and rain falls down
Just listen to her man

Don’t give up on strength
And I will not let you catch on
Live your life for both of us
And you won’t be a part


Stuck out on the edge
Not got anywhere else to go
What are you gonna do?
I can’t just sit here all alone
Please now can you hear me out
I can’t live on no more
I need you next to me before
My heart begins to crack


Now I’m down and out
I can’t get you out my mind
Love is dead
And hearts collide
I really can’t see why
Why are you away from me?
I need you here again
Listen to my words
And you will sing the harmony

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