"Girlfriend" lyrics



She's on the phone and telling me that
my friends are dumb and asking if I'll
go take her out dinner and a movie
She's making me dress all nice and
keeps giving me bad advice on
how she thinks I should try make a living

But it's even more than her kisses aren't that good
And I wish that she would leave but I don't think she would

And I don't want my girlfriend
Oh to be my girlfriend anymore
I really wanna tell her
But I think that she would just ignore
Cause it's so hard to keep my eyes off girls
when they walk on by
So I don't want my girlfriend
I'd rather be a a single guy

She complains about most everything and
doesn't like to dance or sing so
why she's with me? I don't understand it

And here's why: Stay out do whatever I want to
Talk and kiss with every girl I meet
She couldn't do a thing about it
Not this time cause she's not with me

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