"Natural Tailor Of Natural Joy" lyrics


"Natural Tailor Of Natural Joy"

Warm up the backseat of my own scene
The kids at home all rub me wrong
Drink till you drown, smoke, ash off consumption
Yeah I did both but I grew up
Once fireworks went off in my chest,
Didn't ingest a bomb to enjoy the show
Had a few before, drinks and problems to match
I'm older, done and over that wreck
I'm a natural tailor of natural joy
People move on, kids move faster,
You got what you wanted be cool, just be you
Party hard as you swerve through traffic
Shows are littered with minors who'd love to have it
As my contacts list shrinks, I exhale
I sleep well when you're passed out at home
[Repeat pre-chorus and chorus]
Your choice
Your life
I'm just a speed bump to a good time

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