"I'm Not Beefing With The Almighty, I'm Just Saying I've Got Questions And He's Got Answers" lyrics


"I'm Not Beefing With The Almighty, I'm Just Saying I've Got Questions And He's Got Answers"

Do the stars dim and flicker at the request of men?
Do they take the night off or keep on shinning?
Does the heart skip a beat for science or sin?
I won't stir at the sound of popular opinion
You could set my house on fire and leave me sleeping within
I'd still die a head case for truth at any instance
You could land a plane on this heart of mine
It's big enough for all of us! ALL OF US!
With every mile, comes a pack of wolves
And they won't stop until they see their reflection
They offer lines, lies, and empty eyes
Over a lifetime of pursuit of better days
I'll stay gold, my intent is beyond my words
My loyalty to ideals won't set me in the soil
If I lose these hands and feet, I'd still be me
I'm not my father's son, I'm a patron of reform
I say all this hate is going to burn you up kid!
But he says it keeps him warm on bitter nights
Spite is such a perfect burden for a young white male
Didn't they teach you anything back in your time?
Do the animals build us monuments, hoping to be spared?
Or do they graze on chemicals and feed as they blankly stare?
Should we rush to class or fall quickly down on the pews?
We don't move much besides to feed the urge to consume
You can lead the horse to water, but you cant put the fire out
A man only replies as his echoes bounce back with sound
He wants books with pictures, and radios with microphones
Real men are never wrong! NEVER WRONG!

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