"GD: Southern Djangos" lyrics


"GD: Southern Djangos"

Can't wash off this white trash, colored by the state the nation hates
The months spent surfing couches, park benches, and laundry mats don't help
If you hate us, we prolly hate you, it perpetuates ignorance
Not all of us are void of intellect and agnostic views
It's weird to hear punk in this great state
Even with the A.L. forever in ink on my ankles and in my thoughts
Alabama, my cave in the shitty weather. hear say over cigarettes at the kitchen table,
It's better than jersey, they do have better bands,
Who cares, I just want to sleep and eat while I'm home
Super nes and ghetto rental stores, celebrating Christmas when I'm not religious,
Zombie marathons at age six is the childhood I fondly remember
Does it sound stupid to all you flaming liberals?
Extremists on any side is act of self exclusion and I'm not into it
My friends and enemies are similar to yours, believe me it's boring
In every city, every state, it's boring everywhere
Home is home no matter where it is, mine happens to be full of idiots

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