"88 Says" lyrics


"88 Says"

We finally made it, the obtuse believe
Openly I admit, you're not what we use to be
Keep our portion of the sun, the broken reef among the surf,
The good soil and weather never existed
Ask me do I care? would I ever care?
Wave my milestone, burn last year
We knew better, now we'll do better
Slave hand over fist over a loosened grip
You'll find nothing exactly where nothing is
Four years ago I wouldn't have seen this
A smile on my face as we die in Pennsylvania
Traitors to our previous work, truth is not lost
We're just ahead of the shit storm that's brewing
Ask me do I care? would I ever care?
A cure for the common band is itself
You know you're own hands well
Half the ship stays underwater
We'll be that half that doesn't need to breathe
You can flaunt the flag while we save the ship
That's alright by me

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