"...With Heavy Hearts" lyrics


"...With Heavy Hearts"

You won’t go anywhere hiding behind your lies, we’ll leave you buried in your failures.
You’ve got no chance of making it out alive, you’re trapped behind these walls.
Can’t you see you’re nothing and you won’t survive?
Can’t you tell me how it feels to know you're nothing?
Can’t you see you're nothing? No, tell me that you’re nothing.
Tonight’s the last night for you, so we’ll save ourselves from the dead, from the fucking dead.
We tried so hard we won't fall apart, together no one can stop us.
Look me in the eyes and tell me that I’m wrong, just tell me that I’m wrong.
You’ll be crushed under your broken dreams, no one will hear your screams as you fall to darkness.
You destroyed yourselves from the inside. Your self destruction is all for nothing.

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