"The Closing Chapter" lyrics


"The Closing Chapter"

I feel so empty. I'll always wait for you.
There's nothing left of me, I can't speak.
If I could find the words to tell you how I feel, I'd sing for you.
I can't seem to find the strength to carry on through this storm,
I know that we are worlds apart.
I never had the chance to say goodbye,
and now you're gone. Where did you go?
I felt so helpless, where did you go?
I can't tell myself that you're not coming back.
Now that you're gone I'm dead inside, I hope you know I loved you.
I didn't know what to do, I couldn't save you this time.
As I held you dying in my arms.
I will never be alright, without you by my side.
I will never be okay, without you by my side.

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