"Lost In Between" lyrics


"Lost In Between"

I can't understand your weakness, it’s pulling me further under.
How can you close your eyes to what's in front of you?
I tried to tell you this was all a story, but the pages turned to ash.
Can't you tell me what you truly believe, with the poison slowly stopping your heart?
You've got to break away from the chains that hold you down.
These illusions will never be real, so don't waste your time.
Will you ever see the truth? Or just turn a blind eye?
You just have to open your eyes.
All the colours have worn away, and all that you held has turned to grey.
The words that you say will not be heard, the words will not be heard.
These words will not be heard. You're wasting away with every breath you take,
I'm gonna show you that this is all nothing, we are all nothing.
You just have to open your eyes.

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