"I Promise..." lyrics


"I Promise..."

My eyes are burning from the sadness tonight.
Can't you see that there's so much more than this,
Can’t you see that you're the one who's broken?
I can't figure out how you can be so satisfied with nothing.
I never gave up the fight and I hope you know I'll always try for you,
but you never let me save you.
Who has pulled this cover of deceit over your eyes?
This won't get any easier, when will you see that you're blinded?
Is this really what you wanted?
To waste all that you are on this worthless existence?
I watched it all burn, I tried to save you, but I couldn't save you.
I watched it all burn to nothing.
Now it's all falling apart, is this how it's supposed to be?
So tell me why you have to be like this?
All the things that you wanted, how can you just throw them all away?
So will you ever see that there's no one left here for you,
you're breaking up and I won't be here to save you.
So will you ever see that there's no one left to help you,
I'm letting go, now I'm letting go so please just set me free.

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