"In His Words" lyrics


"In His Words"

Can’t you see this is all I ever wanted, why does it have to end like this?
And you can’t see this is all that I needed, why does this have to end this way?
Just tell me why these words won’t stop haunting, like a dream?
Just tell me why these tears won’t stop falling from your face?
I believed every word you said and I believe, I believe you’re so full of lies.
Did you really want this? Nothing lasts forever, will you ever come back?
You left me here alone. I can’t breathe without you.
You lied to me, I wont forgive you. There’s nothing left for you.
There’s nothing left but these memories of what was never meant to be.
With your promises so empty, empty like your heart.
Can you see the end now? Can you see the end of us now?
I always knew this day would come. I always knew that this was going to burn somehow.
Can’t you see this is all I ever wanted? Can’t you see this is all I ever needed?

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