"Rebels With A Cause" lyrics


"Rebels With A Cause"

Another day another night
Another drink another fight
Its a shame we get the blame
Always wrong and never right
We're the new generation
Searching for an explanation
Football matches and Rock n Roll
Makes us a little out of control
We're rebels with a cause
We're rebels with a cause
We ain't simple, we aint fools
We're rebels with a cause
On the streets it's still the same
Another dawn, another day
They want homes to call their own
The rules are different, the games the same
People don't understand me
'Cause i play in a rock & roll band
It's the only way i can make a stand
We run in different games
But we all feel just the same
You know our name and you know our name
You know our name and you know our name
Born to win, born to lose
The right is ours which way we choose
It don't matter what clothes you wear
It's how you feel that makes you real

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