"King Of The Jungle" lyrics


"King Of The Jungle"

He watches the other beasts
Quiet and dignified
Claws like flicknifes
He don't have to hide
Waiting until the time is right
Pouncing like a thief in the night
But they keep on coming through the jungle track
When they feel the power on the hour
Wish they had turned back
The air is fill with a mighty roar
They stand there as always as before
The warrior's strong, the warrior's proud
The warrior stands at the edge of the crowd
The warrior's brave, the warrior's cool
Even when he's got his back against the wall
He's the king of the jungle
They stand by each other like a brother
Like a lions pride
They won't turn away or stray
To the other side
Even though they're few and far between
They'll stand by you no matter where you've been

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