"There's No Space Like Outer Space" lyrics


"There's No Space Like Outer Space"

Sometimes the real world just gets way to real for me, and I wanna take a step back into my mind where I'll find security in what makes me feel at home. Do you ever feel like screaming your lungs out and hope no one hears a thing? Let's go somewhere with no air. I want to leave this place cause there's no space like outer space. I feel like I have to run away just to catch my breath. So let's fly away, higher and higher, until I find somewhere that I can speak my mind and not be criticized, that's where I'll stay for now. You won't find trouble there cause trouble's lightyears away. Let's fly away. So from time to time, I find myself lost in these world's full of fantasy. Call me a runaway; call me what you want. This is my reality.

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