"The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing" lyrics


"The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing"

So what? I've been knocked down a million times, and seen my fair share of the floor. All I know is this is all I've really wanted and thought about since 2004. This dream means the world to me so I'll give all that I have. I'll do anything I can just to see this story end. I'm on my way, and I've got something left to prove: that these so called wasted days were not all in vain. We won't ask for much. We're just a couple kids who lost. Our lives are on the line; with luck we'll be here next fall. And I guess one day we'll all move on, but that day won't come 'til we're dead and gone. I guess this all started with a guitar in my garage, and it's never gonna stop while there's air still in my lungs. I breathe for this. Memories fade away. Someday, all our lives may change. At least we've got today.

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