"Slow Motion" lyrics


"Slow Motion"

Another day trapped in my head where fear and recognition won't let me get out of my bed. But Modern Life Is War tells me it's okay to be scared, just get my ass out of that door. I saw it all go down in slow motion. Just blame yourself, cause this is all your fault. I'm still scared, but this New Found Glory is keeping me awake. These walls are closing in, and all I know is, we'll get through this. We're just some kids trapped in a van, where fear and recognition won't let us get a job and get on with life. Don't be scared. Just sing until you're humming in your grace. Kyle says "Hey man! Don't let it get you down, cause life is not that bad. You're pushing on with all your friends, with no shallow hearts to get in your path." We see your heart, and all the blood you spill for your art. WE ARE THE WOLVES!

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