"I Signed Autographs When I Was A Nobody" lyrics


"I Signed Autographs When I Was A Nobody"

If you've got something to say then say it loud. It's easy to sit there talking people down. Make me proud. Do the right thing, admit that you were wrong, then grow up and move on. I'm going back to bed cause the morning color's making me sick, and I can't believe how far this has gone. It's been distorted, so ugly, diluted, stretched too thin, and so badly polluted. Now I'm done hiding what I have to say. You made this personal. Now I'm pissed off and done being the nice guy. I'll keep my cool but I can't speak for my friends or what they'll do. You're locked in the brigs of a sinking ship. With the weight of your words, I'd say you're sinking quick. You're going down! You're far too proud. If you don't change, I'd say you're going down. You run your mouth, but you don't have the guts to work it out. You're just a kid, that's no excuse for all the things you did. I hope you're proud, you're more important than the friends you're selling out.

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