"If I Don't See A Circle Pit..." lyrics


"If I Don't See A Circle Pit..."

I spent so many nights by your side not knowing my love for you was dying. Every time that poison touched your lips and you entered that state of mind. I got so sick of seeing that look in your eyes and the way you spoke when demons possessed you. I guess that I should thank you for helping to realize there's so much more to this life. Maybe I will never know the wars waged inside your heart. They're too big to understand. But Jesus knows our fears and insecurities and nothing is to big for his hands. I didn't leave you there to die. I tried to save you so many times. You took offense and felt accused. It took so much for me to leave you. Then someone comes along and shows you what life’s all about. I hope you find that soon, before your heart gives out.

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