"Socko In The Ring" lyrics


"Socko In The Ring"

So much easier to wait
On things I wanna say
just get in my car
and we'll just drive away
This could mean everything
So much better than before
This time I promise you
could mean so much more
Well today I woke up happy
there was so much more to see
There was a little something missing
Then you woke up next to me
Took a chance at what I wanted
Forgot about just where I've been
This door was never open
But I'l letting you walk right into my life
This is the first time
I just want to look into your eyes
You're everything
I just want to hold you here all night
Be everything
So I said I'll try and tell you everything
But you got in your car
and you just drove away
You've heard so many things
about where I've been before
this time I promise you
this one could mean so much more to me than any other thing

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