"Take Me Home" lyrics


"Take Me Home"

When we touch, surrounding landscapes fall apart,
A promise kept within temptation, it turns to dust.

Before the sky, did ever clear I saw the clouds rush from the hills,
Its ever beauty, towards you my dear

There nearby you slept, if I remember well,
Time has swept your body away, and who could tell,

The desert stole your crumbled bones,
With whirling winds that chased itself across terrains, that take me home

But for all the land denied you, I saw a way to easily believe,
That along with these in the same while as I swallow a pain that embraced disease.

In the form of scent understanding better than breath,
In joyous trembling which comes from lack of things unseen
That brings us to our knees. I’m scared of letting go.

I never pictured the rain would fall from the sky, on the day you died,
I never thought that the rain would fall at all, tonight.

How many times have you realised that this life was sent to try us,
My mind is full of the questions of what I’ll never be...
So many times, I’ve realised that this life was sent to try us
My mind is fucking full.....Of what you'll never....believe.

Thanks to LiowMeow for these lyrics

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