"Overcast" lyrics



Looking back on sleepless nights the hardest times I could not fight
In all my dreams of death it was my heart that failed the most

I did the best I could its either sink or swim
But even through the turning tide I couldn't help my drowning mind

The warm glow of the city streets and the cold concrete below
I hold my breath head strong of mankind and wade my way through

A ghostly finger writes forgotten words in the dust
My soul is cracked and as it weathers it begins to rust

I stutter words so unclear - fuck my life

I always thought that it needed to be said, that everything was fine
To those type of people who fade away in their mothers pride
Say the guy who always gets the girl
(A silent whisper) I’ll fail in the real world
I’ve considered to lie
With a jealous glint in my eyes

The rain in my head - will never die.

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