"D.R.E.A.M." lyrics



Sometimes I wonder to the back of my skull
where there's fields of fire
and every shadow's still chasing me home
I whisper softly to myself to just forget these dreams
I'm laying dormant barely breathing
under endless sleep the faint reflections of myself
I'm calmly staring back into the void of clouds dressed in black
mind locked from the inside,
my vacant soul open the night and swallow me whole
cause in the waking hour
distance rules everything around me
at the edge of existence beyond secluded streets
holding face value over my empty grace
I'm still reaching out,
holding on to my own
I pull my collar up and stroll into the dark
sanity doesn't seem so far from here
solitude is so lonely in this crowded room
cold shoulders at night will make you winters own
I'm afraid I can't turn back time
and scared to show the wounds I hide
emptiness depriving dream
cause distance rules everything around me endlessly.

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