"We'll Be Cut To Ribbons" lyrics


"We'll Be Cut To Ribbons"

How much can a person take when it’s thrown at you all at once?
And all your good intentions get thrown back in your face
Stripped straight down to nothing, no outlet will suffice
This isn’t what you live for, this shit can take your life
It’s a wonder we survived, when December rolled in
A harsh and unforgiving winter that left us all alone
Wondering what the fuck. Why you why now why me why us
No answer could be found.

Nostalgia won’t help me now as you walk out that door
As you lie there, helplessly
And I don’t want to talk about any of this now
I just can’t find the words
Because no one ever told me the shit would hit the fan
As quickly and as surely as it did
I thought this was growing up. I thought we were still kids
Shows that I'm wrong. Shows that I know shit.

Wake me up when all this ends.
I can’t bear to lose a friend
A phone call you never want to hear
The day you never want to go home

The strength that made us one
The ship rode another storm
We’ll keep our eyes ahead.
And face whatever comes

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